There are hundreds of meditational methods – originated from various cultures and religious systems – practiced around the world. You can find millions of pages on the Internet that guide you to meditate, but, it is frustrating to choose a right method among them.Born and grown up in South India, I have witnessed how various religious and traditional practices have solved people’s problems mysteriously. Then, I began my study Yoga and spirituality to understand the science behind these rituals.Simple customized MeditationWith this study and practice that spanned more than fifteen years, I have devised highly simple techniques of meditation that are ready to use for laymen. Write about your ONE issue and let us create a simple, customized meditation to achieve your ONE goal.A healing method

After learning various Yogic practices, I learned Reiki and became a grand-master in 2008. Since then, I have been teaching people the art of healing.

While there are many healing methods, a consistent practice of a single method brings in deeper benefits. (Read about why I chose Reiki among other holistic healing methods.)

Among numerous Tantric and devotional meditational practices, I offer you simple, easy to use meditations that you can practice during your free time.

A simple 5-minute meditation helps more than a ritualistic long term ones if you are into solving a simple problem.

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My name is Raghava Maitreya. Born and brought up in South India, I have studied Yoga and spirituality to understand human sufferings and how to help people live a happy life and get the most of their life. Currently living in Bangalore.

I am here to help you find your highest potential, your guide and live a happy life. Here you can find a simple method to solve your ONE problem at a time or get a Reiki healing done for you or your pets.

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